Kensington: Veteran's Memorial Museum


Kensington Veteran’s Memorial Military Museum is located on Victoria Street West beside the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #9 in Kensington, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Within the museum, one can find uniforms, medals, hand weapons, flags, photographs and maps from the Boer War, the First and Second World Wars, and the Korean War. The aim of the Island Narratives project for the museum was to properly catalogue, document, photograph, and store all of the artifacts in the Veterans Memorial Military Museum as well as entering them into the Past Perfect Software. This task is a large undertaking and work will continue on this goal until December 2011 by Regional Coordinator, Chelsea MacIntyre. There have been over 1000 books documented and catalogued to date and this will allow the public better utilization of the literary materials within the Kensington Legion and the Veteran's Memorial Military Museum. Artifacts of interest within the museum have been researched in depth and provided this information to the public through the Island Narratives Website. This will allow visitors to the website and to the Veteran's Museum to learn more about their significance in history.

Photos of the museum's artifacts as well as interesting war stories from Kensington have also been collected. Significant and unique contributions by local Veteran's during the war effort are featured on the Island Narratives website documenting extreme bravery and self-sacrifice. An interview with a local Veteran from the Second World War also provided a first hand experience to this project. Over 70 images and documents have been uploaded to the "Digital Collections" section of the Island Narratives website. To view the "Digital Collection" of the Kensington Veteran's Memorial Military Museum click here: Kensington Veteran's Memorial Military Museum Digital Collection. For easier searching though the Digital Collection, the collection is organized in subjects: Air Force, Army, Literature, Navy, Memorials, Personal Artifacts, Veterans, Weapons, and Women.




                             Photo: The Kensington Train Station located in the center of town.

Maintaining and sharing this history with future generations is very important so that the sacrifices made by so many brave men and women will not be forgotten. The Veteran's Memorial Museum is open seasonally from June to September, daily from 9:30am-4:30pm. Special thanks to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #9 and Ian MacGougan for his assistance with the museum, as well as Jennifer Gamble from the Community Museums Association, Stephanie MacPhail, Island Coordinator for the Island Narratives Program and Linda Cousins, Manager at KenNet in Kensington.