Morell/ St. Peters

            The project our group is working on is on the veterans of the St. Peter’s and Morell area. These veterans are from World War One, World War Two and the Korean War. In doing this we are updating an older publication that was done on the St. Peter’s area. The Morell side was never done before and this is a brand new publication.

            The archives were used to gather baptismal records, enlistment papers, and family records as well as history of the communities. This was primarily used to gather information in order to conduct the actual interviews. The interviewing is the primary source that is being used to conduct the research, and this includes the actual veteran or family member as well as those from the community who would know the time period in question or the person in question. For these interviews, lists were made using the archives as well as the cenotaph from the local community centre as well as the cenotaph from the former legion branches. Another source we used was walking through the different cemeteries of the area, as there are eight different cemeteries in the Morell and St. Peter's area.

            The interviews were conducted in the winter of 2011 by research interns Kyla MacKinnon and Steven MacAdam. Shannon Byrne retyped and scanned They Chose To Serve which was the St. Peter's side of the project. By conducting these interviews one could see that those being interviewed had a huge sense of community. These kinds of research methods are very important because it gives a different point of view to important historical events as well as how different communities coped with these historical events.