The Sisters who served in Tracadie

Sisters of St. Matha who worked at Tracadie Cross


1942 Sister Marguerita,  Agnes Kelly 
  Sister Bonaventure Cahill
  Sister John of Cross,  Jeanette MacDonald
  Sister Cornelia Croken
1943 Sister Carmelita Soloman
  Sister Margaret Marie Dvereaux
1944 Sister Mary Anthony
1945 Sister St John 
1946 Sister Anna Marie 
1947 Sister Augustine
1948 Sister Clare Theresa,  Mrs. Kenny Mooney
  Sister Joan Mary MacDonald
1949 Sister Mary of Lourdes
1950 Sister Mary Rita Kinch
  Sister Maria Joseph,  Mary Kelly
1951 Sister Mary Winnifred
  Sister Mary Alexander,  Rose O'Hanley
  Sister M. Virginia,  Joan MacNeill
1952 Sister M. Josepha,  Kathleen Bolger
1953 Sister Isabelle Clare,  Mildred MacIsaac
  Sister Mary Albert
1954 Sister Mary Cecilia,  Cecilia Keizer
  Sister Eric Grace,  Clara Pineau
1955 Sister M. Consolata,  Laura Shea
1956 Sister Rose Anna
1957 Sister M. Fidelis,  Fidelis Gallant
1958 Sister M. Teresa
  Sister M. Louise,  Olive Gaudet
  Sister Mary Dunstan,  Frances Murphy
1959 Sister Raymond Frances,  Georgina Johnston
1960 Sister Charles Marie,  Mary Walker
1961 Sister Stephen Marie,  Mary Connolly, Mrs E. Murphy
1963 Sister M. Rosarii,  Mary McCarville
  Sister M. Agatha,  Agatha Corcoran
  Sister John of the Cross,  Katherine MacDonald
1966 Sister Mary Ian,  Bernadette MacLellan
  Sister Anne Regis,  Genevieve Duffy, Mrs P. Mullally
1967 Sister Marie Cordis,  Mary DeCourcey
  Sister Stella Marie,  Stella Cullen Brennan
1968 Sister Hilda Gorman
1969 Sister Laura McCabe
  Sister Mary Morrison,  Mary Delaney
1970 Sister Rita Walker
1971 Sister Rose Setter
  Delores Gervasio,  Mrs Julien Gaudin
1976 Sister Joan Doyle
1977 Sister Mary Murphy
1979 Sister Helen Moore
1981 Sister Edna Walker
1983 Sister Irene Burge
  Sister Frances Johnston
1985 Sister Bernice Smith
1990 Sister Joan Campbell
1991 Sister Bernice Cullen
  Sister Rosalia Kane
1993 Sister Marie Cahill
  Sister Gemma Dunn
  Sister Rosemary MacDonald
1995 Sister Christina Doyle,  Mrs Al Wallace
1999 Sr. Joan MacNeill
2000 Sister Edna Gallant
2002 Sister Bertha McCarthy
2004 Sister Audrey Brocklehurst
  Sister Laura Kelly



* The Island Narratives  team would like to thank the Sisters of St. Martha for their assistance in completing this list.