Welcome to the Community of Tignish! 

     Tignish is truly a community to be proud of. The people of Tignish show great pride in their culture and family roots. They know that Tignish will always be home in their hearts no matter where the world may lead them.

     Tignish is full of history ready to be shared and told. That’s what we are here for; The Island Narratives Program. This program was designed to digitally record the history of Tignish for future generations to come. This information can be used as a window for those to learn who we really are and what we have to offer.

     The Island Narratives gathered any information that was offered and available. This was done through interviews, videos, photos, audio, documents, artefacts, newspaper articles, museums, locals, and any other resources that were offered. This information was then split into the categories linked to this page. Also, please check out our Digital Collections - Tignish Collection page located for more pictures and information, or visit the official website of Tignish at www.tignish.com.

     We would like to send out a big thank you to all of those who participated and helped in anyway during this project. We couldn’t have done this without you!



                    Group Members from Left to Right; Joel Rodgerson, Kayla Gorrill,

                                         Hayley Arsenault & Brittany Arsenault.


                         It was a pleasure to work with everyone,
                                               couldn't have asked for a better team!