Throughout the years Tignish has had many events that will always be remembered. These events both good and bad are what made Tignish what it is today. The following is a brief time line of major events here in Tignish:

1799 - Arrival of the eight Acadian families and the founding of Tignish.

1802 - Birth of Sylvain-Ephrem Poirier, first Acadian priest of Prince Edward Island who was ordained in 1828.

1811 - Arrival of the first two Irish settlers in Tignish.

1844 - Peter MacIntyre becomes the first priest of Tignish.

1859 - 60 - Construction of the St. Simon and St. Jude Church, the biggest structure in the village at the time.

1866 - Construction of the lighthouse at North Cape. Today it is the site of the Atlantic Wind Test Site and the longest natural reef in North America.

1868 - Construction of the "Notre Dame des Anges" convent for its congregation, the sisters of Notre Dame.

1882 - Acquisition of the pipe organ by the St. Simon and St. Jude Church, the 129th masterpiece of Louis Mitchell of Montreal.

1893- 1915 - Publication of the weekly newspaper L'Impartial founded by Gilbert Buote.

1896 - Spectacular fire in Tignish where 62 buildings were burned to the ground.

1911- 1913 - Building of the Tignish Post Office with the help of Senator Murphy and François J. Buote.

1919 - Great War Veterans Association formed in Tignish.

1923 - Creation of the fisherman's cooperative, the first of its kind in Canada, with the help of notary Chester MaCarthy.

1930 - Construction of the Dalton Center by Sir Charles Dalton and Robert T. Oulton.

1932 - Train accident where four persons lost their lives and many others were injured.

1941 - First shipment of Irish Moss from P.E.I. was shipped by Myrick and MacIntosh to the U.S.A.

1948 - Tignish Health Committee, chaired by Gerald Handrahan, manager of the Tignish Co-operative, organized the purchase of Dr. J.A. Johnston's home for resident Dr. S. Dubicanic.

1967 - Tignish parish of St. Simon and St. Jude Church built a Parish Centre.

1968 - Tignish Centennial Community Sports Arena heavily damaged by fire.

1970 - Gerald Keough opened a Boys and Girls Club in the new Parish Centre; also, a Senior Citizen's Club was formed in Tignish.

1970 - Restoration of the Pipe Organ at the church.

1972 - Artificial ice was laid in the Centennial Community Arena.

1973 - The Island telephone exchange at Tignish converted to dial after 62 years as a switchboard; residents of Tignish were issued a postal code; Tignish Co-operative Health Association Ltd. was formed as 60 people became chartered members as shareholders; the official opening of the first Health Centre Co-operative in Atlantic Canada.

1976 - Inspector Malcolm McInnis of the R.C.M.P. brings the Musical Ride to his hometown of Tignish to help in celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Legion.

1978 - Establishment of the Co-operative Club Ti-Pa, the first co-operative historical society of its kind in Atlantic Canada; Tignish Normalization Co-op opened their new workshop building on Haywood Road.

1989 - Construction of the elementary school of Tignish.

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