Kensington: Heritage Homes

The Kensington Prince Edward Island Heritage Homes Research Project comprises a collection of over 500 digital images, 250 land registry search profiles, and 40 interviews with local informants. The project had its beginnings with the Kensington Senior Surfers Computer Club and funding through the New Horizons for Seniors Program in March of 2010. KenNet Inc., Kensington’s non-for-profit internet service provider and CAP Site was responsible for hosting the seniors’ project, and successfully partnered the Senior Surfers with the Island Narratives Program (INP) when it was implemented by the Department of Innovation and Advanced Learning in December 2010.

On behalf of the Kensington Heritage Homes Island Narratives Project the writer would like to thank KenNet Inc. for their support throughout the duration of the project. For it would have been impossible to complete this project without help from Linda Cousins and the support of the organization. In addition, we would also like to extend a sincere thank you to the Senior Surfers Computer Club. It was simply amazing to work with a group of such ambitious and dedicated members of the community.