Heritage Homes: Architecture Report

One of the first objectives of the Island Narratives Kensington Heritage Homes Project was to identify heritage homes with significant architectural features. To achieve this goal the Senior Surfers Computer Club hired Faye Pound, one of the Island’s leading historic architecture enthusiasts. Over the course of two frigid days in January 2011, Faye Pound and Colin MacIntyre with the Island Narratives Program travelled the streets of Kensington in an architectural details “scavenger hunt.” The end result was a 21,000 word report that describes significant architectural details for eighty-seven homes. These details were broken down into ten separate categories: 1) Age 2) Style 3) Roof/ Eave Construction 4) Windows 5) Doors 6) Detailing 7) Wall Cladding 8) Additions 9) Historical Character 10) Miscellaneous. Please follow the link to our Digital Collection to view the Kensington Heritage Homes Architecture Report. [Kensington Heritage Homes Architecture Report].