Grand Tracadie

          The Grand Tracadie Island Narratives Program research team has collected information and data with regards to the general history of the area. The focus of our research was on the first settlers in the community, old buildings (including schools, churches, Glenaladale Farm, stores), the fisheries and, certain stories as told by the people.

          Our team goal was to preserve the historic events and memories of Grand Tracadie and its surrounding areas to be enjoyed by the generations of today and tomorrow.  With the information and materials collected we have created an online archive in collaboration with UPEI, as well as a collection of raw materials and audio accessible at the Grand Tracadie School Centre.  Each intern and the regional coordinator have undertaken their own individual project in order to cover specific topics within the history of the community (I.E: Churches, Schools, Fishing, Glenaladale Farm, Scottish Settlers, etc). We hope you enjoy our project, and don't forget to check out our Digital Collection.


The Grand Tracadie Island Narratives team.