Welcome to the Kinkora Island Narratives Project


The Kinkora Community Collection was created by the Kinkora Island Narratives Program which is an initiative of the Prince Edward Island Community Access Program. When the project was first conceptualised, it was to be a history of the Kinkora and Area from the 1980’s to 2010. This was to compliment our starting point, the book, “Around the Kinkora Area” by G.K. Farmer which was published in 1991. This well written and comprehensive book gives a history of the area from its first settlement in the 1830’s to the late 1980’s.

We have divided the research into five main topics: agriculture, business, church, community life and school. As such, many of our interviews focus on this time period when discussing each topic. Soon, we were receiving many wonderful photographs, documents, and books that were outside of our timeframe. We had to re-evaluate.  We decided instead of government facts and figures that the collective memories and items of the people who actually live in the area were more important and thus the “Community Collection” was born.
Our summary pages give you an overview of the topic while many of our oral history interviews are reflections on changes in Kinkora in more recent times.

The Community Collection consists of oral history interviews and notes, photographs, scrapbooks, documents and books. We hope that the collection will be an ever evolving and growing entity. The goal of creating the collection is to allow community members easy access to their rich history, and as such the majority of the collection is available at the CAP site and library, located the Kanta Klub, in Kinkora. What you will see on the website is a sample of the over 1500 items which are available in the collection

The project covers what we call “Kinkora and Area”. This area includes the communities of Kinkora, Middleton, Maple Plains, Newton and Shamrock. These five communities are intricately tied by family, economics, and education as well as the obvious geography.

In response to the Island Narratives Team requiring assistance in gathering information, we formed the Kinkora and Area History Club. The club was formed in February of 2011 and meets once a month to discuss matters of history related to the Kinkora Area. The Island Narratives Team would like to thank the Kinkora and Area History Club for all of its help and support.

The Kinkora Island Narratives Team

Regional Coordinator – Lesley Noonan
Research Intern – Mary Clair Fox
Research Intern – Neil Bridges
Research Intern – Stacey Beamish


Please go to our digital collection to view samples of the Community Collection