Education is one of the most important things a community can provide for it's people. Tignish has been providing this service as early as 1801 when the first log cabin church was built. Next in 1826, when the second church was built and the children were taught in the Priest's house. Schools in St. Felix 1843, and in St. Peter & St. Paul 1855 also taught numerous people from the community.

     In 1868 the second church was hauled to the Village of Tignish and used as a Grammer School, for mostly boys. This same year the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame came to Tignish and the Convent was built. The Convent taught both boys and girls throughout it's time. The Dalton School was then built in 1930 and the Tignish Regional High School in 1960.

     The following are a list of dates that has stood out in significance througout the years:

          - 1933: The sisters from the Convent began teaching boys in grades 2 and 3, while they also taught at the Dalton School.

          - 1942: Co-ed classes were officially housed in both the Dalton School and the Convent. Grade 11 started at the Convent and French primary class at the Dalton School.

          - 1954: Grade 12 class started at the Dalton School.

          - 1959-1966: Elementary classes 1-8 was housed between the Dalton School and the Convent.

          - 1960: Tignish Regional High School opened.

          - July 1, 1971: PEI Government brought Tignish Consolidated Elementary School to the community.

          - 1966-1975: Grades 1-8 housed at the Dalton School. Mobiles began to be used.

          - 1975-1979: Grades 1-6 housed at the Dalton School.

          - 1975: Grades 7-9 started at Callaghan Junior High.

          - 1979: Grades 1-12 transferred to Westisle Composite High School when it opened.

          - 1979-1988: Grades 1-3 at the Dalton School, grades 4-6 at the previous Tignish Regional High School.

          - October 30, 1989: Official opening of the Tignish Consolidated Elementary School.


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