Eastern Kings


Welcome to Eastern Kings!


Or as many locals refer to it, "God's Country!"

     Eastern Kings is an area of Prince Edward Island rich in natural beauty and history.  Seventeen smaller communities are brought together to share the name "Eastern Kings." These communities include: Rock Barra, Bayfield, Priest Pond, Campbell's Cove, Fairfield, Lakeville, North Lake, East Point, South Lake, Elmira, Munns Road, Bothwell, Kingsboro, Red Point, Black Pond, East Baltic and Glencorradale.  

    With this many communities there is a lot of local history to be recorded.  Over the past months, recording and collecting this history has been our task.  Through collecting this information we hope to digitally preserve our community history for future generations.

    We have organized our findings into 12 general categories.  These categories contain research on various topics that are important to the way of life in Eastern Kings.  Much of our information has been collected through interviews with many community residents.  We have relied heavily on the stories and lives of these people.  We have somewhat created an updated, digital version of the "Historical Sketch of Eastern Kings," written by Miss Mary MacDonald and Mrs. Clinton Stewart in 1972.

    It has taken many hands to make this project what it is.  We are very thankful to have such a supportive community backing us.  We thank all involved for their time, support, information, pictures, artifacts and patience.  We hope our work has paid off and we have produced something the entire community can take pride in. 

     The map below displays some points of interest in our community. 

     Also don't forget to take a look at our Digital Collection! Our community collection of digitally preserved photographs and documents.