Early Enterprises

Industry in Cornwall

In a lot of ways the communities of North River, York Point, East Wiltshire, Eliot River and Cornwall (which now all encompass the Town of Cornwall) were very similar to many small communities and villages during the settlement years of the early 1800's.  The settlers built homes for their families, cleared the land for farms and roads and established communities.  During this early growth period several common industries and businesses popped up around the Island.  Many people may already be aware of larger shipbuilding sites across the Island but what may come as a surprise is that shipbuilding was an important industry to the Cornwall area as well.  As Cornwall is located in the Charlottetown harbour, and is surrounded by the West River and the North River, it was at one time an ideal place for shipbuilding.  Please continue along the following pages to read more about the shipbuilding industry in Cornwall.

Another interesting business in the early settlement years to which the Cornwall area was no exception, was the way-side tavern.  Over the years the Cornwall area had several taverns and interesting old stories to go along with them.  Unfortunately, although records do exist, they are not descriptive or detailed by any stretch of the imagination.  Many sources were investigated to gather as much information as possible, however the most interesting information came mostly from folklore which is more "fun than fact!"

Just before the turn of the twentieth century, Cornwall saw the establishement of another industry; one which was not exactly common among other Island communities.  Cornwall became home to a cheese factory.  It operated for roughly thirty years and was an important part of the community.