Island Narratives Collection Standards

The Island Narratives Program has made it a priority to ensure that the information displayed is as accurate as possible.  However, a great deal of the information comes from the memories and experiences of community residents, often regarding events that happened many decades ago, and some information may be subject to interpretation.

The Island Narratives Program has collected data from a wide variety of sources including the Provincial Archives and Records Office, the UPEI library, and community museums. However, the majority of the data was a result of the participation of the community, either through donations of historic photographs and data or through participation in oral history interviews. The program has used a standard consent form to ensure that all participants are aware of the purpose of the project and its goals for displaying the data.  The Island Narratives Program has gained permission to make the obtained data publicly available in electronic and/or print form and to disperse the information for the purposes of education and community awareness.