The Island Narratives Program would like to recognize the contributions of the following:

-The University of Prince Edward Island's Robertson Library, which has generously contributed web development, training and technical support to provide Island Narratives with a secure and long-lasting database for its collection. The Island Narratives website was created using Islandora, an open source software framework developed at the Robertson Library. This software combines the Drupal and Fedora open software applications to create a robust digital asset management system. It is the hope of the Island Narratives Program that our work will be a valuable addition to the already extensive digital archive of Island history that is available through the library's Island Archives.

-The CAP employees and volunteers who organized and supervised the individual projects.

-The Culture, Heritage, and Libraries Division of the Department of Tourism and Culture, Museum and Heritage Prince Edward Island, and the Community Museums Association of Prince Edward Island. These experts in the field of Island heritage and preservation provided a great deal of support, training and guidance to the Island Narratives researchers, making sure they were directed toward the best information available.

-The community organizations and individual community members who donated their time, memories, stories, photographs and artifacts; and who have provided so much insight into the "Island way of Life."