Noteworthy Residents

Narrowing down the list of names to include in this section was extremely difficult.  After spending a year speaking with many life-long members of the community it became evident that each one had contributed greatly to the community.  Their contribution to this project and to the community as a whole will not go unnoticed.  I am extremely grateful to these amazing people for sharing their history, stories and memories of the community.  Although time does not permit an in-depth biography of each, I would like to thank the following people for consenting to speak with the Cornwall history team and/or for sharing their photographs and documents.

Valerie Acorn Parker Beer
Reta Beer Pam Cullingworth - Cornerstone Baptist Church
Dr. Lawson Drake Irene Duncan
David Ford Mayor Glenn Fullerton
Beverly Gillespie Audrey Godfrey
Virginia Grant Gordon and Norma Hermann
Arthur Howard Donald Jardine - Cornwall Christian Church
Elaine Jewell Terry Jones
Fred Kitson Rev. John Lacey and Sister Gemmad Dunn - St. Francis of Assisi Church
Miriam Lank Don Lowther
George Lowther Lance and Phyllis Lowther
Eleanor MacEachern Don MacEwen
Jean MacEwen David MacFadyen
Barbara MacFarlane Joan MacInnis
Honorable Ron and Ann MacKinley Bruce and Margaret MacKinley
Robert MacMillan Blois MacPhail
Howard MacPhail Margaret MacPhail
Audrey MacPhee Freeman Newson
Gordon Nicholson Barbara Perry
Marelene Proude - Cornwall United Church Donald Ramsay
Phil Reynolds John and Marie Sanderson
Ethel Scott Herbert Scott
Kirby Wakelin Marion Warren
J. Keith Wheatley Windsor Wight
Alice Wilson Clifford and Elizabeth Wilson


By no means does this list include every lifelong and appreciated resident of the community, I am sure there are many more that I did not have time to speak with.  To those people, I would also like to thank you for your contributions in creating a wonderful community.

A number of people whose names appear below have long been deceased, but their influence on the community and on the Island as a whole will not be forgotten.

To learn more about the following people please click on their name.

Francis Bain (also included are William and Laura Bain)
Frank Howard
Frank MacArthur
Louis MacDonald
Honorable Ron MacKinley
Winifred MacMillan
Andrew Campbell McEachern MC
Adam McQuaid
Dr. A.J. Murchison
* Cornwall’s more "colorful" residents; Jack Ellsworth & Noah Widby