Souris- Heritage Homes


Many books have been published telling the story of the development of the lands where the Souris River flows into Colville Bay. Travelling around the town there are many old and interesting buildings that form a community with many stories. With our sandy beaches, heritage homes, and beautiful landscaping Souris is a quiet and unique community.

The first inhabitants were the Mi'kmaq who settled at the head of the Souris River. The first French settlers on Prince Edward Island landed in 1720 and Souris was an Acadian settlement until 1758.

Souris was incorporated as a town on November 14, 1910.

Souris Island Narratives has put together a digital collection of Heritage buildings and homes located in Souris, along with unforgettable events and people in our small community. The goal of the Island Narratives Program is to preserve and to educate on all the rich heritage that our town provides.

We would like to thank the CAP site for their part in allowing us the time and equipment to make this possible, also the individuals in the community for their interesting stories and memories.