MacLennan, Maxine

Maxine grew up on the 48 Road in Cardigan, Prince Edward Island and was the first of four children born to Gordon and Helena Gallant. Maxine was raised surrounded by music and from an early age loved it. When she was about twelve or thirteen she bought her first set of drums with money she had saved from playing at dances with her father’s band, “The Rovers Four”. She picked up the guitar in her late twenties and joined her first band, “Hillbilly Rock,” in 1991. She was in the band for about five years. There were a lot of band mates through the years but Carter Gospee and Bruce MacEwen were the main band mates.

Winning a talent show took Maxine to Winnipeg to the CCMA’s where she placed third in a competition there. She recorded twice in Nashville and twice in Toronto. She got together a band under her name, "Maxine Macleod," and played from 1996-1997. During those years she released three cds: There is a Heart, Dream On, and Love this Deep. Maxine also has three music videos that played medium to heavy rotation on CMT. Her videos include “Baby I’m only Lonely” and “Fork in the Road” both from her Dream On CD and “Millionth Time” from her Love this Deep CD. Warner Brothers was interested in Maxine's music at the time.

She was nominated for 3 ECMA’s but competed with Maritime heavyweights like Anne Murray and Rita MacNeil so Maxine wasn’t really upset when she didn’t win. Maxine has appeared on several televisions shows including The Tommy Hunter Show, The Joan Kennedy Show, and The Anita Peraz show and has played the QEH/East Link Telethon since it began back on Cable 10.

Maxine officially got out of the music business in 1997 after a divorce and chose to raise her daughter, a decision Maxine has never regretted. Maxine is still involved some in the music business; her daughter Jessica dates Richard Wood. Through Richard, Maxine feels music has come back into her house and Maxine still writes some music.


Written by Betty-Anne Acorn from the memories of
Maxine MacLennan, Gordon Gallant, and Helena Gallant.