Key Contributors

This project could not have been possible if it werent for people like the folk's in O'leary.  

Thank you, O'Leary, for coming forth as you did.   People came forward in troves with old newspaper clippings, photos, memorabilia, clothing, trophy's, everything and anything.   If it had something to do with Hockey, the people made sure we saw it.  But the main thing?  The stories.  People who came in and shared their stories about hockey, thank you.  You helped this project on immense levels.  There is no point in creating a list of names.  Because it would be countless pages long.  So, to make it simple, you know who you are.  Everybody who helped, thank you.  The community really came forward on this one and made it possible.  Without the good people of O'Leary, this project would not have seen the light of day.    


Thank you O'Leary.