List of Veterans


List of Veterans


“At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.”


In recognition and appreciation of the veterans of St. Michael's Parish community for their contribution to the cause of freedom in World Wars I & II.


World War 1 Veterans

Buote Francis

Buote George

Buote Joseph

Hughes Peter A.

Hughes William

Jarvis John D.

Jarvis Herbert

MacDonald J.J. Allan

MacIntyre John

MacKinnon, Allan

McAulay James



World War II Veterans

Arbing Anthony

Arbing Ivan

Arbing John

Bradley Louis

Campbell Donald

Campbell Faber

Campbell Hugh

Campbell Joseph

Campbell Louis

Clow Brenton (photo)

Clow Henry

Clow Lloyd

Cockeriell Rita (Watts)

Connelly Robert E.

Fanning Alan

Gallant Hazel

Gallant Raymond

Gibbs Austin

Gibbs Gordon

Hughes Edwin

Hughes Frederick

Keizer Lloyd

Lawless Cecil

Lawless Francis

Lawless George

Lawless Gertrude

Lawless Wm.

McAulay Louis

McAulay Vincent

MacDonald Alan

MacDonald Eugene

MacDonald John

MacDonald Leonard

MacDonald (Watts) Olga

MacEachern Francis

MacIntyre Alfred

MacIntyre Doris

MacIntyre John B.

MacIntyre P. Vincent

MacIntyre Raymond

MacKinnon Alan

MacKinnon Daniel

MacKinnon Michael (photo)

MacNabb James (audio)

MacPhee John D.

McQuaid Basil

Morrison Alfred

Robinson Francis

Robinson Regis

Quick Cecil

Walker Donald

Watts Calvin

Watts Charles

Watts Francis

Watts John H.

Watts Joseph

Watts Raymond

Watts Russell



The Island Narratives Program would like to thank St. Michael's Parish, Corran Ban for their contribution to this project.