Marina Myers

Marina Myers (Shaw) grew up in Lorne Valley to the parents of Daniel and Maie Shaw. Her homestead has belonged to many generations of Shaw’s including the original owner Samuel MacDonald, which has since then been passed down through the generations. Marina’s brother, Raymond Shaw, is the current inhabitant who lives with his wife Muriel. Together, they run a successful business, Shaw’s Meats, from the property.

Marina grew up in a household with several siblings: Donald, Raymond, Christine, Emily, Adele, Roberta and Lola. One memory that stands out in Marina’s mind about her childhood is how she wanted to move out upon the birth of her younger sister Adele, jealous of when Adele was born. Marina was jealous of the new baby. She decided one day that she would leave home. So Marina took off down the Lorne Valley Road upset over her new sister. Marina was at this time only two years old. She recalls her mother coming after her and asking her why she was leaving home. Marina replied because “she does not want no Adele”. Marina said later of course “we were great friends and still are”.

Marina has many fond memories of her childhood in Lorne Valley. She recalls some very important people from her community, Earl and Lillian MacDonald. They were very generous store owners that helped everyone out in the community. She remembers a room within the store that served as the community room hangout area. She has a lot of memories of this place and what it provided for the community.

Marina married and left home in 1951 at the age of sixteen. She married a man by the name of Alvin Myers. In 1952, Marina and Alvin had their first born, Brian Myers. Marina had seven children afterwards including Alvin, Keith, Marlene, Garth Myers, Kent Myers and Shelia. Marina then became known as “Nan” to her children and the nickname has been passed down to her grandchildren. When I asked how she received that nickname she told me after her grandmother.

Marina and Alvin built their own home during Alvin’s retirement in 1990. This was a huge accomplishment for the Myers. Their current home offers her many memories of her marriage as she lost her husband in 2001. She says that his memories will live on through his children as they remind her of her husband in many ways. Her son Garth she says looks identical to his father she claims proudly. Actually, she thinks all her boys have the Myers look about them, she says with a smile.

The Myers family is known as a very successful family in the community. They own several businesses throughout Kings District. Marina is a very proud mother, Grandparent, Great grandparent of her family. Her proudness of her family beams on her face when she speaks of the large family throughout the interview.


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Written by Crystal Callaghan from the memories of Marina Myers