The General Stores

Cornwall store North River Store
Cornwall General Store North River General Store

In the area that now encompasses the Town of Cornwall, there were two general stores, one in Cornwall and one in the former community of North River.  In a time before television, radios and even telephones, the general store was the place to be to catch up on all the news.  Many community stores, including the two in the Cornwall area, not only provided needed supplies but a place to meet with your neighbors, catch the latest gossip and even pick up the mail.  General stores operated much differently than larger chain stores that we shop in today.  The general store provided a "one-stop-shop" experience, which sold most things in bulk, and in which the clerk gathered your supplies for you.  The Cornwall store was especially unique, providing services like postal, telephone, and electric power.  Read ahead to learn more about the Cornwall and North River general stores.