Curley, Brian Richard

Brian Curley was born on December 18, 1942 to parents Richard and Frances Curley of Charlottetown. Brian started playing the guitar as a child by listening to the radio and picking up tunes by what he explains as “trial and error” in order to learn. He later picked up on the mouth organ. When he was ten years old he entered in a talent contest.

The first band that Brian was listed in was the “The Royal Tones,” which discontinued after two dances. Then in 1961 with the help of Charlie Hanson, they started the rock foundation of Kings District “Thunderbolts” that played rock n’ Roll in the community. He later played in the band “The Group Legion” that performed for the Cardigan Legion. He played in the “The Group Legion” from 1965-1974 at the Cardigan Legion that drew in very large crowds. One resident from the area can recall, “We had a lot of good times there. It was the place to be on a Friday." People would travel near and far to the dances looking for that special someone.

In the 1990’s Brian started the band “Freewheelin.” Their first act was in 1994  at the opening of the Confederation Bridge in Borden Carleton. The band continued to play into the recent years as Brian fell ill.

Brian has one recording out called “Back home” that he made on August 25, 1999. He made it into the rock n’ roll time. 


Written by Crystal Callaghan from the memories of Brian Curley