Ronnie MacDonald "story of ice sailboats"

Ronnie can remember the use of ice sail boats as a child growing up and around the Cardigan River. They would be made out of wood in the shape of a cross. The children would then take the skate blades out of old skates and place a blade on the front and back. The stick on the back was used for steering. There would be a small pole that you would put a flag on. He explained how you would go 50 – 60 miles an hour on clear ice. It would be a scary ride if you “flipped over at that speed you could scrape yourself up real bad” he commented. One day Ronnie took off down Cardigan River on an ice sail boat to Newport and did not realize how far he had gone till he tried coming back. He had to lay down a couple of times on his way back because the wind was in his face. He knew he was lucky to make it back as it was a close call.


Written by Crystal Callaghan from the memories of Ronald MacDonald