James MacKenzie

James Mackenzie (also known as Big Jim Mackenzie) was well-known in the community of Lorne Valley. In the old days of the party lines, Big Jim was well known for eavesdropping on conversations; however, Big Jim had Asthma and wasn't exactly quiet - he could often be heard breathing heavy on the line. Other times, if he didn’t agree with what was being said, he would pipe up and voice his opinion, starting an argument. He was also a well known local bootlegger, and had a sliding hatch on his barn door so that he could stick his head out and see who was there. This system worked well, until one night he was met with a fist on the other side of the door. It was rather entertaining for the neighbors when he decided to build a shed for his truck, an International model, and managed to build it four feet too small, so that the truck couldn’t completely fit in. The locals liked to have a bit of fun with him, one time sticking dynamite under his wood pile; the next morning the yard was full of slabs.

Written by Betty-Anne Acorn from the memories of Raymond Shaw